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Filtration Installation Team provides professional and reliable water filtration solutions in Edwardsville, IL. Our services include whole house water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners. We understand all the different types of filtration needs in the area and are able to provide the best solutions for your family’s needs.

The Best Whole-House Water Filtration System to Buy and Install

Families who want to make sure they have access to clean, safe drinking water have a lot of options, including whole house water filtration systems. These systems may be placed in any size home and supply filtered water to every room. Here is a tutorial on how to choose and install a whole-house water filtration system in the Edwardsville, Illinois, area to help you locate the best system to suit your needs.
Among the main components are the following important considerations:

Filter Systems

Sediment filtration, UV purification, and reverse osmosis are just a few of the several filter methods that can be employed. Your choice of system will be influenced by the standard of your water source and the degree of filtration required.

Filter type
The type of filter you choose must be fit for purpose and suitable for the water source. Activated carbon filters are able to remove many contaminants, while sediment filters may only be able to trap larger particles.
Depending on the layout of your kitchen and your particular preferences, size your filter system:
Under sink
Small- to medium-sized homes are frequently where under sink systems are placed. These systems can be used to filter drinking water since they filter the water as it flows through the faucet.
Whole house
The entire water supply to a household is treated by whole-house devices. Although they are frequently more expensive, these devices offer superior filtration.
Systems for outdoor filtration are intended to be installed out from the house. The water from a well, lake, or other source can be treated using these technologies.
Countertop systems are designed to filter water directly from a faucet. These systems can be used in any size home and offer the convenience of instant filtration.
To install your water filtration system in Edwardsville, Illinois, it’s crucial to use a qualified and respected contractor. Make sure you are using the best local installation available by conducting online research or asking for recommendations from family and friends.
The ideal installation location must be chosen after careful thought. The size of the system and the particular requirements of your home will determine this.

It’s crucial to think about how you’ll keep your water filtration system up and running in order to keep it functioning effectively. Regular maintenance may involve changing filters and cartridges, cleaning fittings, testing for pollutants, and other things, depending on the filtration system you’ve chosen.

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How Activated Carbon is Used

Activated carbon is a powerful filter for different types of water contaminants. It attracts and traps organically-based contaminants, including chlorine and chloramines, which are found in some water supplies. This type of filter is also capable of removing certain levels of heavy metals and bacteria. When combined with other types of filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis and sediment filters, activated carbon can be an effective solution for improving drinking water quality in Edwardsville, IL.
The Benefits of A Carbon Filter:

Reduce scaling caused by hard water minerals

Removes certain levels of heavy metals, such as lead and mercury

Ion Exchange Resin Filters for Hard Water

The Benefits of An Ion Exchange Resin Filter

Hard water is a common issue in Edwardsville, IL. This type of water typically contains calcium and magnesium carbonates, which can lead to scaling and other issues in your plumbing systems. An ion exchange resin filter can remove these minerals from the water supply, preventing them from building up and clogging pipes over time. This type of filter is also effective at removing other minerals from the water, such as iron and manganese.

Removes iron and manganese from the water supply

Easy to maintain

Is Reverse Osmosis Right for Your Home?

Reverse osmosis is another effective way to purify water for drinking and other uses. This type of filtration system uses pressure pumps to push the water through a semi-permeable membrane, which filters out particles as small as 0.001 microns in size. This includes substances such as arsenic, fluoride, and nitrates.
The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse osmosis systems work by filtering water through a semi-permeable membrane so that contaminants, pollutants and other harmful substances are removed. The process works by having water pressure push the raw water through the membrane, leaving behind unwanted particles like lead, chlorine and other harsh chemicals. The purified water then passes through a final stage of filtration to ensure it meets the standards for potable water.
Ion exchange resin is often used in combination with reverse osmosis systems to provide additional treatment. It can effectively reduce hardness, metals, and other mineral-related contaminants in your water.
Yes, activated carbon filtration can improve the taste of your water. Activated carbon works by adsorbing impurities and odors from the water, improving its taste and smell.